If your home or office is going to be clean and sanitary then someone is going to have to mop floors! Mopping is one of those necessary activities of life that can be the source of back and neck pain both during the task and afterwards

If you suffer from chronic back or neck pain, arthritis pain, sciatica or stenosis, mopping floors is almost sure to aggravate your problem and guarantee increased pain and suffering after the work is done.

This is because the simple act of mopping involves several risk factors, any one of which can aggravate back, neck and arm and shoulder problems. Repetitive movement flairs up rotator cuff, elbow and hand pain issues. Repetitive bending provokes low back pain and neck pain. Bending and lifting irritate arthritis and other back problems.

However, there is good news! It is possible to minimize or even completely prevent nagging flair ups of low back, neck and arm pain that come from mopping if you use the right tools and execute the right game plan!

We have created a video that will help you to avoid these “pain pitfalls” and work smarter in the process when it comes to protecting yourself from low back pain, neck pain and other miseries while maintaining a clean, safe and attractive home or office.

Just click on the “play” arrow below and get ready to start WORKING SMARTER!