Attention Veterans

We welcome the opportunity to be of service to the men and women who have served our country.

Our doctors are proud to be fully credentialed chiropractic providers for the Veteran’s Administration healthcare system. In this capacity we are privileged to provide chiropractic Care to veterans, usually at no cost to the veteran.

If you are a veteran suffering from back pain, neck pain or other forms of musculoskeletal pain you are probably eligible for care at the Bennett Clinic at NO COST TO YOU.

A referral from the VA is required and the request for the referral must come from the Veteran. This is very easy to do.

Follow these three easy steps:
1. Call 1-866-606-8198
2. Identify yourself as a Veteran and tell them what problem you have that requires care (“low back pain”, arthritis pain”, etc.).
3. Ask for a referral to Dr. Bennett, Dr. Nash or Dr. Moran

The VA staff will confirm your benefits and even schedule your appointment with us!
Relief is just a phone call away!