Physical Rehabilitation Services

If you suffer from low back pain or neck pain it is possible that your problem is related to weak, damaged or imbalanced muscles. This is especially true if your pain has been with you for a while, what is called “chronic pain”. These kinds of problems respond best when treated with physical rehabilitation techniques along with chiropractic adjustments.

Back pain and neck pain are often the result of both joint issues (“jammed joints”) and muscle issues. It just makes common sense that if you want to get the best long term benefit from your care you have to address both of these issues. Many medical studies have show that this “common sense idea” is completely accurate. At the Bennett Clinic that is exactly how we address these problems.

If you have both jammed joints and muscle issues and if you treat the muscle issue without treating the joint, the muscle issues will return because the joints still don’t work. If you treat the joint issue without correcting the muscle balance, that imbalance will very likely cause the joints to jam up again!

Our Bennett Clinic doctors are highly trained in creating customized physical rehabilitation programs for our patients in conjunction with chiropractic adjustments. Because of this our patients enjoy the powerful combined benefits of chiropractic adjustments and physical rehabilitation under one roof as part of their tailor-made treatment plan.

You can put the combination of these two powerful approaches to alleviating neck pain, low back pain, sciatica, and many more ailments to work for you, starting right now. Schedule an appointment with one of our Bennett Clinic doctors and start taking back your life today!