Chiropractic Care Services

Suffering from low back pain or neck pain? If so there is a very good chance that you have “jammed joints” in those areas of your neck and spine that are causing the problem. Until those joints are set free with gentle chiropractic adjustments all the medicine, hot and cold packs, “pain relieving gels” and so forth in the world will not solve the problem.

Our Bennett Clinic doctors of chiropractic bring to you many decades of experience and skill in finding the real cause of neck or low back pain and then fixing it. We select the right treatment for each and every individual patient. We measure our progress throughout care. The result is not only freedom from pain but also increased vitality and quality of life.

There are many tools (techniques) in the chiropractic tool chest. Our Bennett Clinic doctors are highly trained in multiple chiropractic techniques that are appropriate for every type of patient who suffers from neck pain or low back pain. We offer very gentle techniques for those who require a light touch and traditional chiropractic techniques for patients who need a fast result and prefer a more aggressive approach….. and everything in between.

If you are in need of good, effective “chiropractic WD-40” to free things up in your spine and get rid of nagging pain then the Bennett Clinic is the place to be!

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