Covid Response Update

Dear Members of the Bennett Clinic Patient Family,

As you are aware, the recent jump in positive Covid tests in our state and community has resulted in an increased level of diligence and restriction relative to virus prevention and management.

In response to this the Bennett Clinic has returned to Level Three management practices. We are now even more carefully screening patients and are asking for cooperation from those who visit our clinic in terms of who remains in the clinic, goes to treatment rooms, etc. Of course we have redoubled our sanitation efforts and this will be reflected in what our patients experience during their visits.

Unfortunately, in an effort to prevent potential cross-contamination between our clinics, effective tomorrow I will again have to discontinue treating in the Prescott clinic on a temporary basis until we can return to Level Two management. I will continue to see patients during my regular office hours in our Prescott Valley clinic. I will resume Prescott hours when appropriate.

If you are in pain and chiropractic care is appropriate for you, please know that there is no need for you to suspend your chiropractic care due to Covid strategies at this time. Chiropractic care has been designated as an “Essential Service” by both federal and state health authorities. We are fully authorized to help our patients with pain during this time frame.

Finally, as heightened vigilance relative to viral attack is again a priority for all of us, if you have not already viewed and implemented the information contained in our Chiropractic Health Channel video entitled “Defending Against Viral Attack” then please do so.

You can do that now by simply visiting : Or you can follow the instructions below this message. You can do this from your cell phone or computer with internet access.

We will get through this together!

Wayne Bennett, DC, DABCO

Access our Chiropractic Health Channel and the video is:

  1. Chiropractic Health Channel –
  2. “Defending Against Viral Attack” video –
  3. Share this link with others who you think need the information.