Lifestyle Coaching Services

At the Bennett Clinic we know that the most important person on your health care team is you. The health and lifestyle decisions that you make all day long every day of your life are very important factors. These decisions determine how much pain you experience and the quality of your life today and in all of your tomorrows.

We also understand that, even with the best intentions, you cannot make wise choices without the presence of two things. First, you must know what choices you should be making. Then you need solid, practical information with which to make those choices. Many times we do not know until it is too late that we should have been making certain decisions long ago. We know this because we are living with the consequences today. And even if we knew what we should be deciding about, we probably did not have the right information to make the wise choices. The saying “hindsight is 20-20” has never been more true.

We want our patients to feel confident about their health future and their ability to make wise choices about their health both now and in the years to come. That is why lifestyle coaching is an important part of the care that you will receive at the Bennett Clinic.

Did you know that the word “doctor” comes from the Latin word “docere”, which means “to teach”? At the Bennett Clinic our doctors take their role as lifestyle “teachers” seriously.