What To Expect

At the Bennett Clinic we share your concern about attaining fast and effective relief and we are committed to providing you with the best possible care. You will find that our unique team approach that combines the best of chiropractic, physical therapy, spinal decompression, massage therapy and other services all under one roof will result in highly effective, efficient, inexpensive care for your problems, injuries and complaints.

Because you are the owner of your body, it is important that you are “on board” as part of the team working on improving your health. Only when we work together, as a team, can we achieve the kind of results that we all desire.

If you elect to become a patient at the Bennett Clinic, here is what you can expect to have happen once you have arrived at our clinic.
• Your doctor will listen to you carefully and ask you questions about your issues and your health history. The time spent in learning about your health, lifestyle, risk factors, health history, etc. is very important. It is you and your doctor’s opportunity to get to know each other and to gather critical information that will be used to determine what care is appropriate for you.

• He will then perform a thorough and comprehensive examination. The finest clinics in the world are characterized by the thoroughness of the examinations given there. We believe that the extra time spent really finding out what is going on is time well invested.

• If appropriate, x-rays will be taken. There are times when x-rays are necessary and times when they are not. It is our policy to never take one x-ray that is not necessary, but when taking an x-ray is necessary it must be taken.

• The doctor will discuss his initial impression of what is going on, the severity of the condition, what kind of problem exists, etc. He will discuss what risk factors exist and how these will influence his clinical recommendations. You will be advised regarding what “patient category” you are in and what types of treatment options are appropriate.

• Initial care will be provided to give you some level of relief from your pain or problem. In some cases a single treatment is all that is necessary. In others, as in the case of severe injury or chronic disease, a lengthy treatment plan is required.

After your initial visit, your doctor will sit down and review your history and exam results, look over your risk factors, study any x-rays that may have been taken, review other treatment and imaging reports, and compose treatment options.

If you have insurance coverage of some form, our team of insurance and financial services consultants will research your coverage on your behalf. One of our team members will sit down with you and go over your benefits as they relate to the treatment options that your doctor has given them. In this way you will be able to make an informed decision regarding your selection of treatment options.

How much treatment will I require? Based upon the information gathered from your history, examination, etc. we will arrive at a diagnosis. We want that diagnosis to be as specific as possible, because an accurate and specific diagnosis enables us to create a treatment plan that is also very specific to the individual needs of the patient. In our clinic a unique treatment plan is prepared for every patient.

Treatment plans vary in length, depending upon a number of factors. Some entire treatment plans are completed in a single office visit while others can take months. The length of time that is required to bring about recovery varies due to the presence or absence of a number of “ complicating factors”.

These factors include:
• The patient’s age : A young person is likely to recover faster than an older person. Healthy children respond incredibly!

• The degree of injury: If the injury is minor, the chances of a rapid recovery are good. Severe injuries take longer to heal.

• Presence of degenerative arthritis : If there is permanent damage to the joints and discs of the involved part of the body, recovery time is usually extended. The presence of herniated or bulging discs, stenosis, and other degenerative changes complicates the picture.

• The number of areas involved: When several areas of the body have problems at the same time it takes longer for all of the areas to recover.

• The patient’s level of overall health: A healthy person will respond much faster to care than a person whose general level of health is drained by illness or disease.

• For how long has the problem been present? If the problem is brand new, a faster recovery can be anticipated. If the problem has been present for an extended period of time then it will take longer to recover (Famous Last Words: “I thought it would go away”).

• Aggravating factors : Environmental factors such as a job that keeps re-injuring the affected area or lots of prolonged sitting or even stress can add to the recovery time required.

• Nutritional factors: Some problems are made worse by underlying nutritional issues. Unless these issues are addressed incomplete or delayed recovery can be anticipated.

• Genetic factors : Some inherited traits, such as body type, can influence recovery time in a positive or negative way.

• Medications : While medications are supposed to be taken to help the patient’s health, the side-effects of some medications can increase recovery time dramatically.

Your Treatment Plan
All of these factors will be taken into consideration when your treatment plan is created. Various treatment options will be provided, based upon your personal treatment goals. You will always be in charge of how much (or how little) care you receive at our clinic.

During your follow-up consultation with your doctor you will review this information and together you will decide what course of care will be undertaken. Your personal involvement in your recovery will be assumed unless you advise us otherwise.

We are committed to providing you with the best possible care. We look forward to being on the same team with you! To schedule an appointment to get started on your way to better health or to find out more about it call our office today at (928) 771-9400.

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