Specialized Services

Because of their extra expertise and post-doctoral qualifications and certifications, the doctors at Bennett Clinic provide specialized services beyond the scope of one-on-one chiropractic care.

Here are some of the specialized services offered at Bennett Clinic:

Commercial Drivers License examinations
Workplace Ergonomic Analysis and Consultation
Interscholastic Athletics sports examinations
Safety Classes and Instruction
Postural Risk Screening services
Impairment Rating
Expert Witness Testimony
Continuing Education Courses for Chiropractors

Public Lectures on such subjects as:

Healthy Aging
Ergonomics at Home
Workplace Safety
The Power of Posture

If you are interested in finding out more about any one of these specialized services, or would like to engage one of our doctors for a public speaking engagement, call our office today at (928) 771-9400 or click here to submit an online request.

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