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Here is a special message from Dr. Wayne Bennett about the Secure Spine program:

 I want to take a moment to explain why we developed the Secure Spine program and what it has to offer to our patients who are at risk of spine pain and the consequences of chronic spinal issues, because there are more risks in play than just the pain….

The Secure Spine program evolved from dialogue that I have had with colleagues from all over the country. We realized that there is a large population of patients who we are seeing late in the process of chronic back pain, degenerative arthritis, and postural deterioration. Sadly, by the time these patients get to us they are often so far down the chronic pain path that they are simply seeking temporary pain relief rather than long term solutions. Frequently they have given up on the notion that the underlying causes of their pain such as postural deterioration, balance issues and risk of falling, functional restrictions that diminish the quality of life – they have given up on the notion that these can be addressed in a meaningful way that can slow, stop, or even reverse the downward trend that is impacting their lives.

As doctors we are often frustrated because we know that if we had gotten to these patients earlier and addressed these underlying conditions sooner, immense amounts of pain and suffering would have been prevented and dramatic losses in function and quality of life would have been avoided.

That’s why we took a hard look at the science and came up with the Secure Spine program, which is designed to do just what the name implies: make people’s spines more secure by addressing the longer term causes of pain and function loss and stabilizing the areas of weakness and vulnerability.

Here is how the Secure Spine program works:

As we age the effects of gravity take a toll. The weak areas in our spine degenerate. Our posture deteriorates. Our reaction time slows. The energy that we expend just maintaining upright posture drains away, leaving less vigor for the enjoyment of life. Pain restricts our activities, lifestyle, and overall quality of life.

And regretfully, many people accept this as being “inevitable”, throw up their hands, and sentence themselves to a future of gradual deterioration of function and increased pain.

The good news is this: modern medical science has proven that it is possible to secure our spines and thwart many of the “ravages of age” through the artful combination of customized physical medicine and gentle chiropractic adjustments.

In doing so we can:

  • Manage chronic neck and back pain more effectively,

  • Slow the progression of degenerative arthritis,

  • Improve posture and balance,

  • Decrease risk of life-changing falls,

  • Improve overall function and life enjoyment.

With our Secure Spine program…..

You will undergo a thorough examination that will identify your spinal weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

Important information about your posture, degenerative changes and other risk factors will be gleaned from available imaging studies (x-ray, MRI, CT, etc.).

A customized Secure Spine protocol will be written to meet your specific needs.

You will be the Most Valuable Player on a healthcare team that will combine physical medicine techniques with gentle chiropractic care to obtain measurable progress towards achieving your active lifestyle goals.

If you feel like you might be a candidate for the Secure Spine program, just contact one of our staff members at either of our clinics. They will schedule you for an appointment for an evaluation and then we will know for sure what benefits you might expect to achieve with this approach to care.


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