Gentle Techniques

“Doctor, is this going to hurt?”

The last thing a patient in need of pain relief needs is more pain!

That is why the doctors at Bennett Clinic are trained in multiple chiropractic techniques.

The kind of technique that will produce the fastest result on a big, strong, elite athlete who wants to get back into the game NOW! is probably not the technique that would be best for a 95 year old great-grandma who weighs about as much as one of the elite athlete’s legs!

At Bennett Clinic, we treat patients from the cradle to the grave and everywhere in between. There is always a challenge between picking a technique that is aggressive, and which will therefore produce the fastest result, and the technique that will be best tolerated for a specific patient. This is why we have selected a broad spectrum of chiropractic treatment techniques, ranging from very, very gentle techniques (best used on infants, very frail patients, or patients in extreme pain) to very specific but aggressive techniques (best used for healthy, robust patients with no apprehension issues).

As a patient in our clinic, you can be assured that there are “many ways to skin the cat” when it comes to choosing the right technique for you. Your doctors are always interested in assuring that the techniques that we select for your particular treatment plan are the result of your input in the process!

To schedule an appointment regarding which technique might be right for you call our office today at (928) 771-9400) or click here to submit an online request for a free consultation.

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