The Bennett Clinic Philosophy Regarding Exercise

In the management of back and neck pain it is important that the patient’s treatment plan include a blend of chiropractic care with recommended cardiovascular and strengthening exercise. Virtually all of our treatment plans address this issue. Consultation with the patient's primary care physician must be done before the fitness-promoting activities are begun in some cases.

Depending on the patient’s problem and how long it has been present, oftentimes our treatment plan will include a combination of chiropractic care with specific targeted exercise protocols. Exercise, in general, is just a part of leading a healthy lifestyle. It keeps the muscles in proper tone, promotes circulation, and even helps with digestion.  Exercise, exercise. Even something as simple as walking can be extremely helpful.
Good, vibrant health simply cannot exist in the absence of some level of physical activity. And as a rule, “the more the better”!

Exercise for Low Back Pain

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